Terms of Hire

We do not believe in lots of rules and regulations, dos and dont's so we will keep this short.

Please do not overload your skip, if you do please do not be offended if you are asked to take out the excess load - a skip has to be safe for us to lift and transport

If you require a permit for the placement of the skip we do not provide this service. Therefore the wait and load would be best for you. We give you 30 mins to load the skip included in a wait and load service.

Positioning the skip. If you need boards under the skip to prevent damage, say to a lawn, let us know before we deliver the skip. If the skip is to be left on your drive we will , if its feasible to leave room for access to the garage doors. The stabilisers for the lorry can mark, but this is rare and we will do everything to ensure damage does not happen.

Access. The skip lorries require 2.7m access but our lorries do have extendable arms with an additional 2m reach. This means if they can not reverse right into the driveway we can still drop the skip in the drive, providing the access is clear.

What do you want to put in your skip? Our skips are for general & inert waste only and must only be level loaded to ensure they can be safely transported.

Due to Waste Regulations, you cannot put the following items in our skips:-

Tyres; asbestos; fridge-freezers; clinical/medical waste; liquids; “smelly” waste; large tree roots; hazardous/corrosive substances; oily wastes; televisions & monitors and toxic waste.

How long can I keep the skip? You can keep your skip for as long as you like, but skips hired for more than two weeks may incur an additional charge.

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